Breeder Feeding


Broiler Breeder Feeding Systems

Spin feeders are a simple, effective and economical method of providing broiler breeder pullets (male and female) with an evenly distributed supply of feed directly on the ground. The result is birds with very uniform body weight and only a very reduced work load for the producer.


Spin feeders with hoppers are installed along the centre of the rearing house, either suspended from the ceiling or standing on supports. All spinners start dispensing feed simultaneously. The specially developed spin head from LANDMECO ensures that feed is evenly distributed over the entire circular spread area as determined by the rotation speed.

Manual control

The spin feeder can be operated manually by a variator gear motor.

Automatic controls

All spin feeders can also be operated via a central control unit

which is set according to the age of the birds:

  • The number of feedings required
  • The duration of feeding
  • The area to be covered


Broiler Breeder Feeding Systems

High reliability

The male feeding system is based on a few thoroughly testet standard components, thus ensuring high reliability and low maintenance costs. The system can be winched off the ground.

Rapid feed distribution

The direct drive and vertical return wheels allow the chain to run at a very high speed. This ensures a rapid feed distribution and the simultaneous feeding of all cocks.

Automatic controls

Male feeding is activated by a time switch on the hen feeding system so that all birds can be fed simultaneously or separately as required.

SKIOLDLANDMECO also offers separate controls for male feeding.

Transparent feed hopper

SKIOLDLANDMECOs plastic feed hopper is light, quick and easy to mount and dismount and consists only of a few parts. The transparency in the tank provides optimal opportunities for good management and good hygiene.


Broiler Breeder Feeding Systems

The feeding system for breeding stock is based on SKIOLDLANDMECOs well-known chain feeding system and has two feed inlets for each circuit. The trough is raised and lowered automatically so that all birds are fed simultaneously as described in the following: 

Raised position

In this position, hoppers are filled with the required feed quantity. This is regulated by the feedweigher. Just before feeding time, the chains are started so that they become filled throughout the system. When the chains have completed the circuit, the trough is lowered automatically to the required feeding height. 

Lowered position

The hens eat the feed in the trough, and the process is repeated until the feed dose has been used. After feeding is completed, the trough is raised again. Experience has clearly shown that the stress levels of feed-rationed birds and the number of eggs laid on the ground are considerably reduced by the use of this feeding system.

Steel hoppers or plastic hoppers?

When using the plastic hoppers, these are hoisted and lowered together with the trough. When using the steel hoppers, which are suspended from the ceiling, it is only the trough which is hoisted and lowered.

Broiler Breeder Feeding Systems

SKIOLDLANDMECO provides 2 types of grill: Grill for standard trough, and grill for breeder trough with anti-sitting top.

The grill comes with a standard distance of 44 mm, but is also offered with other distances on request.

As an alternative, SKIOLDLANDMECO provides the roller bar on top of the feeding trough for separate sex feeding. The system treats the hens gently as the round bar rolls against the hens’ heads. At the same time, males are prevented from eating as their heads are larger.

Clearance between roller bar and trough edge can be easily adjusted to suit hen head size.

The roller bar is made of aluminium and is therefore very light. Roller bars are available in lengths of 2.5 metres.