Poultry Automation

With STIENEN Processors, you automatically control, monitor and manage all vital processes in the house such as ventilation, heating, lighting, relative humidity and CO2. It allows you to automatically perform the vital controls for your house.

With Live Weighing, Feed Weighing and Silo Weighing, it allows you to record and control important items such as body weight and feed consumption.

PFB-35 Electronic Scale

Poultry Automation

PFB 35 (35 Liter) makes accurate and accurate measurement in accordance with the desired feed amount with its boiler capacity. The necessary feed can be sent to the relevant system, as well as feed and water consumption can be monitored from the main screen. The entered values are stored even in case of power failure or sudden power losses. PFB 35 scale processors have one silo outlet independently.

• 1 silo motor output
• 3 different weighing options.
a) With Sensor
b) With Pulse
c) Remote with PVB-9200 processor
• Stainless steel weighing chamber.
• Ability to define feed curves with 24 different breaking points.
• Viewing alarm codes from the home screen.
• Monitoring feed and water consumption

PL 9400 Ventilation Processor

Poultry Automation

PL- 9400 Automatically performs vital controls for your coop. It minimizes instantaneous changes in the house (ventilation, heating, cooling, humidity, CO2, lighting) to the minimum level of stress on living things.

It has wide development charts that vary depending on its age. (Temperature, ventilation, tunnel cooling factors etc.)

With the newly developed large screen, all data related to the set can be previewed.

Quick assignable screen shortcut keys.

Unused features are canceled and unnecessary screen pollution is prevented.

• Ventilation 
• Feed and Water Control
• Lighting and other timers
• Live and Feed Weighing
• Customizable design according to your poultry needs
• A system open to revision with necessary module additions,
• Ease of use with large color LCD screen.
• Easy program update feature and fast data recording with USB port input.