Van Gent

Van Gent Nest

The Van Gent Nest is well known for its performance: less floor eggs, high quality number of hatching eggs and simplicity. This poultry housing nest is a successful nest from years of practical experience. The construction is solid and simple, which makes the nest easy to assemble and easy to clean. The nest is provided with an automated expulsion system. It expels birds from the nest after laying during the night, preventing broodiness and soiling the nest.

Depending on your poultry house and nesting space required, different sizes and configurations are possible. Van Gent nests are available: 1 or 2 tier, single (wall-formation) or double, standard or XL. 

Van Gent has several designs of slatted flooring: hardwood slats and plastic slats, durable and with an open structure. This provides a good grip and a clean environment for the birds.